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D29 Awards

Any awards from National that were recieved by individuals, squadrons, or the district itself, will be displayed here. Awards will be in blue text, the award description in red. The picture will be displayed below the blue text.


1st place for Teaching Aide award, submitted by D/Lt/C Chris Hoover, AP for channel markers


Life member awards(25 merit marks)

Dan Clinger, AP Findlay (accepted by Findlay commander)

Patricia Hall, AP Port Clinton (accepted by Port Clinton commander)

Bob Dubray, AP Sandusky

Balt(Boni) Thibert, SN Toledo (accepted by Toledo XO)


USPS growth awards

4% growth award for Toledo squadron, accepted by XO John Miga of Toledo

2.7% growth award for Port Clinton squadron, accepted by Cdr Dennis P. Timple


District 29 Growth Award 2018


Co-op Charting

Honor roll Mike Schabeck, AP Toledo, National ranking #8

Honor roll Larry Cole, SN-CN toledo, National ranking #17


Vessel Examiner Century club(performed 100 or more VSC'S)

5th year in a row, James R. Michael, Lima (accepted by Lima commander)

15th year in a row, Dennis D. Ladd, Port Clinton (accepted by Port Clinton commander)


Publication awards(Newsletter) (accepted by squadron commanders)

Galley Gossip/Columbus
The L/Lima
The Bowline/Port Clinton
The Lookout/Sandusky
The Breeze/Toledo


Website excellence awards (accepted by squadron commanders)

District 29


USPS Educational fund(100% membership contribution) (accepted by squadron cdrs)

Ft Wayne Port Clinton
Findlay Sandusky
Lima Toledo


50 year membershsip award Laron P. Beyer, JN accepted by Fort Wayne commander Richard Manter, AP


50 year memberhsip award James R. Michael, SN accepted by Lima commander Dan Mullane SN-IN


50 year membership award Richard J. Schwab, JN accepted by Sandusky commander Mark Dahlmann, SN


50 year membership award George R. Wells, AP accepted by Columbus commander Richard Sorensen, SN









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