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2022 Bridge Officers
Cdr Leonard Buck, JN-IN
Cell (419) 654-5985
Email: buckrita@gmail.com
Executive Officer
D/Lt/C Sandra Pick, AP
Cell (419) 798-9841
Email: spick77311@roadrunner.com
Education Officer
R/C Larry Cole, SN-IN
Cell (734) 755-7252
Email: boater734@chartermi.net
Administrative Officer
D/Lt/C Sherri Haring, P
Home (740) 815-6868
Email: sherri_haring@hotmail.com
D/Lt/C Mary Rayburn, P
Home (614) 505-6045
Cell (419) 606-9345
Email: humbelmh@yahoo.com
D/Lt/C Dennis Keyfauver, SN
Home (260) 639-6078
Cell (260) 503-9346
Email: k3dck3@gmail.com

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